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Bio I've done motion graphics for Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbook and by gum, it put them on the map!
Lokasyon Dublin City, Ireland
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Android : Jesus whoever edited this RTÉ News piece on Leo’s birthday deserves a medal

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Android : Eurogamer hell yeah

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Android : Here is Chitan trying to skateboard on a treadmill

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Android : me, a Discord user, @ everyone whining about Slack's new logo

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Android : same

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Twitter Web Client : Having some 3D fun times

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Android : I’m watching this Fyre Festival doc and it’s so fucking wild. Social media is a catalogue of fiction. People will e…

Android : Just realised the #FyreFestival creators operated with the same business mantra as the underpants gnomes from South……

Android : Chitan, the PR mascot for Susaki City, has been fired after numerous complaints over the otter's chaotic, nonsensic…

Android : Every time they put out a new Mortal Kombat I wonder how they're going to outdo themselves on the fatalities, and t…

Android : Dark Knight was a near flawless interpretation of Batman and the Joker whereas the LEGO Batman movie was an amazing……

Android : The Lego Batman movie is the best Batman movie ever made.…

Android : Oh hi. Let’s look at this bullshit article on the BBC website, shall we? First of all it’s on the BBC so you’re l…