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Bio @Twitch Partner ( .Wade's (@Lordminion777) wife. INFP. Player on @VoxMC. ~ Business: ~
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Worldwide | #UFCPhoenix: Ngannou vs Velasquez | Sunday, Feb. 17 | LIVE on ESPN

400 pigeons in a trench coat. mind media digital champion 2018 (she/her) / fb, tumblr & insta @ chuckdrawsthings / contact: 🐦💖

Lover to my wife, father to my children, friend to my friends, and servant to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Arizona, USA | Unidirectional time traveler, Aviation Nerd, Baseball fan. Frequently at Twitch streams.

a bit all over the place | will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

England | Streamer, Moderator & Gamer - Constantly streaming new Games, take a look! :)

NY | Hiya! It's @JinxxJams! This is uh.. My art account lol I have too many memes on my main so i figured having something just for art would be a good idea cx

Austin, TX | Streamer: | Let's Player: | Email:

Washington, USA | That one guy you have heard all about but really you don't know. Memes can be dreams, but don't let them stay dreams

London, UK | 💖 queer blob who makes Dorris McComics and Webcomic Name 💖 support: 💖 shop: 💖

S.S. Trash | A British girl far too obsessed with YouTube + Twitch | Mod for James | 🐮🔪 | AH | the angry ones are my fave | Twunk and his Pusse | r00d but m00d | she/her

Captaining the S.S. Trash | Twitch Affiliate 😎 | @ArtByJinxx | Twitch Mod for UberHaxorNova | #1 Hairy Teen Stan | Twink and Twunk | r00d but m00d | I'm pretty much a meme | She/They

Just a Yoshi Boi.Not that it matters but I am one of uberhaxornova's mods on twitch so if you need help you can come to me lLY ALL YAH YEET!!!!

California | | Twitch Affiliate ( | MMA Practitioner under M.M.A | Admin under @UberHaxorNova |