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iPhone : Jess Chilled Chaos Congrats on 5 years!!

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iPhone : Hello, my fur daughter is almost 8 months old and still likes to hide under the couch.

iPhone : ☽ VL (•ө•)♡ suh dude

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iPhone : ☽ VL (•ө•)♡ suh dude Yes!! Suit up!

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iPhone : Stardew Valley Husbando redraws Elliot is essentially the same 👌

iPhone : It’s def a Monday.

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iPhone : suh dude Well, at least if we all die, the bears will survive

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iPhone : Adam Thompson I’m glad you went to the doctor as soon as you had that pain and didn’t try to sleep it off or anythin……

iPhone : So appendicitis sucks, especially when it blindsides you. Surgery went well though so should be working on getting…

Twitter Web Client : Thank you for coming to the stream tonight! I'm sorry it was kinda short but real life stuff happens. I'll be back……

Twitter Web Client : Continuing the trek through the Brecilian Forest in Dragon Age Origins ~

iPhone : I’m going to push the stream back to 7:30. Dinner is wrapping up but I still need time to set up. Sorry about that!

iPhone : I’m aiming to start Dragon Age Origins at the usual time (7 pm eastern). Wade and I have dinner plans with his fami……

iPhone : You are not a small streamer. You are an up-and-coming streamer with a niche curated audience. Get your mindset…

iPhone : SirTime can I pick your brain with another fitness question? 😅