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iPhone : when i walk into a dressing room with multiple mirrors

iPhone : instant gram thots when u ask them where they got their clothes from

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iPhone :

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iPhone : xqc: is a homophobic, toxic, insufferable piece of shite his fans:

iPhone : "i dont know what planned parenthood is or does xd"

iPhone : 本日最後の走りが素晴らしかったので🎖 #とまみ

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iPhone : baba yaga ROSEMaRY I FOCKIN LOV YOU

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iPhone : last thing I saw in my dream last night woke up in a cold sweat screaming

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iPhone : some guy was bouncing the moira healing orb off the ceiling/floor n said "thats what good pussy sounds like"

iPhone : before the government starts working again anybody want to admit they have a crush on me

iPhone : RIN⚡️ omg if u can see who screenshotted ur insta story u can probably find out who this is and block them lol

iPhone : UM i had my headphones plugged into my computer n closed all my tabs and music started playing randomly even tho i……

iPhone : peaches 🍑 i had 2 parakeets when i was younger and we kept them outdoors in a hanging cage and this cat tried to……

iPhone : birds as pets scare me because they look too fragile

iPhone : really want to cut my hair to strengthen my futch demeanor