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iPhone : sweet

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iPhone : i thought i was an empathetic person but after 24 hours i still relish the suffering of the enemy

iPhone :

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iPhone : Ranger R0b Das

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iPhone : RReminds me of some Of u Motherfuckerss man.. Small brain, butt Big Beaks! 😴🗣️🤣 twitter.com/MashAllPotatoe…

iPhone : twitch.tv/obam chillin on dis fortnite rn then doin music feedback l8a

iPhone : @0lampy @BISCUIT69k I didn’t want it on my profile anymore

iPhone : friend: dude streak friend: snap me back friend: please lest u wake the Sands of Demise ⏳: ur mortal bonds are fleeting and fragile

iPhone : y'all can call me the fortnite storm from now on because my circle jus got a lot smaller .. 😒☝🏻