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iPhone : this has to be the funniest video I've seen in years

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iPhone :

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iPhone : Dead Matter What permission do you need to view the camouflage contest

iPhone : Whats up grandad thanks for 200 bits lets get some poggers in the chat

iPhone : If we have only a human idea of "good" and "bad" how could the universe choose our fate and/or recycle to be desira… https://t.co/bxqDhmFCUE

iPhone : Fellas.......ww3 cannot start till infinity war drops

iPhone : all y’all hoes plankton 😤 tryna steal the sauce 😪

iPhone : in my life i have never seen or used a bidet but BioBidet have given me a chance to change that w 1500 rts please… https://t.co/vNKm6WNYOe

iPhone : you: spending $25 on a gram of mid me an intellectual: spending $25 on a fortnite skin

iPhone : if you then you don't love don't deserve me at my me at my https://t.co/DD0rzMxzCo

iPhone : hold up did he just say "BOFA on the SOFA" twitter.com/longlive_nixon…

iPhone : Lawful Good - gg wp Neutral Good - wp Chaotic Good - good game Lawful Neutral - Gg True Neutral - gg Chaotic Neutra… https://t.co/wj5GTkcSe7