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iPhone : Sometimes Katia gets bored of breakfast and I have to make it interesting

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iPhone : lol the stuff Kojack has to put up with

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Twitter Web Client : K 🌱 You're totally welcome!

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Twitter Web Client : Zephod Beeblebrox

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Twitter Web Client : lily @ fanime 811 Heck yeh!

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Twitter Web Client : Dude bro recommending Westworld: It has a lot of nudity 👀✨ me: did you miss the bit about "violent delights have vi……

Twitter Web Client : Man when this semester is over, and I finished all my commissions I swear I'm going to draw so much fanart for mutu……

iPhone : Kojack: i just want to sleep!!!!!!! Katia: but play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iPhone : When she’s not sleeping like a butterfly chicken cutlet, Katia likes to sleep squeezed behind your back. You have t……