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iPhone : Pictures were taken before and after people were told they were beautiful. The results.. astounding

iPhone : this is what good pussy sounds like

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iPhone : BISCUIT Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite this is an order

iPhone :

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iPhone : The streets need this Sir Duwap twitter.com/duwapkaine/sta…

iPhone : famous dex jus fucken postponed world war 3 n saved us from North Korea nuking our shit n ending western civilizati… https://t.co/K7UsnmKNsL

iPhone : duck Chill I️ know the mayor’s dog’s vet’s sister in law

iPhone : Np: Kenney Chesney - “There Goes My Life” (Lil Uzi Vert Remix)

iPhone : My brain still trynna recover from the liquid state it was boiled down to during finals week so bear with me

iPhone : Burger King employees b like : uhh is mr. pibb ok? That’s all we got

iPhone : If i get a pet monkey I’m teaching it how to hit dem folks like first week

iPhone : Ross It’s what I️ imagined when I️ read ur tweet

iPhone : duck I️ wanna but idk I️ could jus be another drink to her 🖤