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iPhone : Matching fits with your boo is truly a vibe.

iPhone : 👣👣

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iPhone : IMMMM WEAAAK😂😂😂😩😩😩

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iPhone : I regret not kidnapping him fuckkkkk🤤

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iPhone : “YoU DiDn’T NeEd a SpOt 4 DaT” Uh yes tf she do 😂

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iPhone : “i was gonna ask you out but you seem high maintenan-“ me: i am.

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iPhone : Accidentally having unprotected sex is stressful!you ever recited the NERVOUS BITCH PRAYER 😂#BSimoneComedy… https://t.co/Httr3VCOuC

iPhone : this type of fine went extinct long ago twitter.com/prurientlyy/st…

iPhone : This nigga a straight fool 😂😂😭😭 put a fuckin gift card in here and everything 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thanks bae damn 😂😂 https://t.co/vVgyEUb3hR

iPhone : Being home from college for break and wanting to bother your mom just because you can twitter.com/kylierobey16/s…

iPhone : SCORPIOS Cons -Devils in disguise!!!! -Manipulative as shit! -Moves on easily -Will never admit when their wrong -DEVILS!!!!!!!