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Bio Natural Redhead. Professional Smartass. 100% Puertorriqueña. Feminist.
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iPhone : the new version is better

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iPhone : Daaaaaaamn, Netflix US? Why’d you do Foggy dirty like that? Explain this! #Daredevil

iPhone : Double Gemini

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iPhone : Because everything sucks, please enjoy this dad making a roller coaster out of a laundry basket.

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iPhone : Me when I saw that the actress they cast for Diana’s mom is a blonde so she probably won’t become a redhead when sh……

iPhone : Feels like some struggling journalist found a monkey’s paw 4 years ago and was like “I wish there was more news.”

iPhone : In a million years, I never... Gracias. Thanks for your apology and thanks for coming to the show. Y saludos a mami.

iPhone : Gnight to all your mistakes and deleted tweets and frayed nerves and broken hearts and nervous tics I am aching ju…

iPhone : Lana Del Rey tweets “cotton candy sky tonight” and the first reply is “sit on my face” then I scroll down to see a…

iPhone : Man sexually assaults women in high school: “That was so long ago!” Woman dances in high school: “We must set her ablaze.”

iPhone : Pero plis, know this: 🇵🇷 representa la lotería más grande que hemos tenido: 10,000 boletos a $10. Hundreds per per…